19th October 2019


Yumalious! A Healthy Eating Storytelling Session


Corn Exchange Square,
Leicester Market

Books open up new worlds to both children and adults, spark the imagination and inspire adventure, which is why books are so wonderful for encouraging healthy eating habits. Encouraging children to eat a nutritious, balanced diet is important. Ensuring they get the right vitamins and minerals in their diet will help them grow and develop optimally. They are also more likely to be energised and motivated, supporting their ability to learn. Educating them on healthy eating during childhood will also help them make healthier choices as they become adults. Through reading at a local market, the session aims to help the family to develop healthy eating habits and explore new foods. The storytelling session will draw on inspiration from Lauren Child’s I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato and Mitchell Sharmat’s Gregory, the Terrible Eater.

No booking required
Suitable for all



Read a Black Author Flash Mob


Town Hall Square, Leicester

The Read A Black Author Flash Mob and Reading is celebrating black authors and sharing their books in Black History Month. Want to take part? Turn up at Town Hall Square with your chosen book at noon. Quietly read for 15 minutes, then stand up and applaud. At 1.00 pm, move to African Caribbean Centre to share your chosen book. Similar events will be taking place at the same time in Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Bristol and London. This event is part of the Black History Month programme for Leicester Neighbourhood Services.

No booking required
Suitable for all



Story Makers

Belgrave Library, Cossington St,

Story Makers is a story-making workshop with an element of 3D design and collage for families with children age 7+. Families will work with the freelanced practitioner, they will be using various story games (using newspapers in Gujarati and English, story cubes, story lines) and will create a part of the story each. Stories will be merged together and collaged on the display board to stay in Belgrave Library. As a part of the workshop, each participant will create their own Belgrave story cube to take home and keep creating stories at home.

0116 299 5500 or in person at
Belgrave Library
Suitable for children 7+



Read A Black Author


African Caribbean Centre,
Maidstone Road, LE2 0UD

The Read a Black Author is about celebrating black authors and sharing their work. To get involved, just choose your favourite black author’s book and bring it along with you. You will have an opportunity to read a short exert from your chosen book, to share what you like about it and its author. Similar events will be taking place at the same time in Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Bristol, and London.
Also taking place at this event, the finalist and winners of the Women’s Poetry Competition will also be announced and presented with their prizes. Four poems will be chosen to be read out by the authors and winners with receive their prizes. The theme for the competition is The Black Female Experience. Let’s celebrate the poetic talent of the women of Leicester.

0116 221 1793 or visit
African Caribbean Centre
Suitable for all



Gujarati and English Poetry Workshop for the family


Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre,
Rothley St, LE4 6LF

Grandparents, parents and children can come along to explore reading and writing poems in Gujarati and English. The aim is to encourage both adults and children to use books and literature from the library of both languages, while having a unique, fun and creative experience together. We will be writing poems in English and translating them into Gujarati and vice versa, to encourage a cross-lingual dialogue between the generations. You will also gain tips and advice in performing skills with the chance to read the finished poetry out aloud or just support each other (both parent and child) in speaking and reading out the finished work in both languages.

Suitable for all



Magic Teapot presents Damian Le Bas: The Stopping Places: A Journey Through Gypsy Britain


Leicester Central Library,
Bishop St

Join Damian Le Bas to discuss The Stopping Places, an enthralling account of what it means to be a Gypsy in Britain today. In a bid to better understand his Gypsy heritage, the history of the Romany in Britain, and the rhythms of their life, Damian sets out on a journey to discover the atchin tans, or ‘stopping places’ – the old encampment sites known only to travellers. From winter frosts to summer dawns, he travels the country to visit horse fairs, urban lay-bys and hidden Gypsy churches. In this remarkable debut, Damian captures the places, characters and stories of his ancestors, and learns more about his own identity along the way. The Stopping Places has been a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week.

Booking: Advisable.
£7 for adults, £4 for concessions
Suitable for all