Festival Poem 2017

Written by Jenny Hibberd (Hibword) for the 2017 festival we’re really proud of the lovely words below that were created to sum up our festival and Jenny’s experience of it.

festivals In Your Head

I’ve heard Everybody’s Reading…

Aye, I’ve always been a squirmin’ bookworm,
Lappin’ up chapters like a swoopin’ raptor…
Though I’ll tell you what,
I found it tough to connect with all that poetry stuff,
All the rhymes, the stanzas, the guidelines…

Then by a miracle of pure meditation,
I became a poet at 20 years of age and
I wanted to make verse more accessible not leave it stuck to a page.
How could I unbind words so they can bound
Be mOuLDable,
f o r m l e s s
and break – able,
Universally ¡shakeable!?
Tools of commotion,
Game pieces to use for our own reasons
With our own meaning.

Then 3 years ago, 2014,
I designed an interactive poetry exhibition alongside a live show.
I applied to Everybody’s Reading Festival
With my idea House of Verse
And they gave it the go ahead with the frst ever shot of wonga into the house of purse…
So I got straight to work and played and made immersive installations
As well as billing variety acts for all round inspiration.
Debuting as a part of this eight-year strong festival was a perfect ft,
Combining with their community heart that champions language
And the enjoyment of sharing it
Through diverse events for all ages
Across city-wide stages;
Libraries, schools, cafes, bars and most unusual places.
Speaks, words, giggles and noise,
Lingual wiggles, lyrical toys.
Unlikely readers absorbing stories.
These spellbinding orbit notions
Fire your emotions!
There are shiny spines ready
For Festivals in your head,
Parties for your thoughts!
You just have to seek out the writer
Or the speaker to whip you up,
To grip you by the grin of your teeth,
To trip you up and over underneath…
Stir up all thoughts of sorts
By ficking through a book.
Hail glorious narratives
With miscellaneous hooks.
Delve into shelves of hidden tales.
Whisper mind along written trails.
Sieve out the letters on the pages
Clapping your fngertips round paper stages
Beaming reams of imagination.
Dream up your own inspiration
Lunge through language,
Pick up a synonym sandwich.
Dive through worlds of words,
Gawp with your story eyes,
Get hooked on books full of brains
And thoughts full of trains
With tickets to Everywhere…

Hibword (2017)