24th October 2019


Planet Earth: What Does it Mean to You?


Evington Library,
Evington Lane, LE5 6DH

A chance for people to put pen to paper, use poetry or prose, comment, tell a story or memory to celebrate the world in which we live and its many and varied environments. People can bring their contribution and share it with others.

0116 221 1286
Suitable for 16+



The Headscarf Revolutionaries

Trinity House Chapel,
De Montfort University

This is a talk by Dr Brian W. Lavery about how four women campaigned for better working conditions on trawlers after three boats had been lost in the winter of 1968. They faced opposition from the owners, trade unions, their family and friends but took their cause to the government of the day and within weeks had changed the working practices in the fishing industry forever. Their story is told with a short film and he describes what happened in that fateful month of January 1968. This event is part funded by De Montfort University Unison Branch.

Suitable for all


The Donkey Book Group discusses Pao by local author Kerry Young


The Donkey pub,
Welford Rd, LE2 6BH

The Donkey Book, which meets regularly at the Donkey Pub on Welford Road, has a rare open meeting. The group will be discussing Pao by local author Kerry Young, who grew up in Jamaica and is of Chinese/African heritage. Pao brings to life the now lost Chinese community that had grown up in Kingston, with its shady characters and looming godfather figures operating in the Tongs (Chinese Secret Societies).

No booking required
Suitable for all



Class Writer: An Introduction to the Life and Novels of William Ash


Leicester Secular Hall,
Humberstone Gate, LE1 1WB

Bill Ash was a fighter. An American, he came to Britain during the Second World War and flew with the RAF but was shot down over France. He was captured and sent to a PoW camp. Then began the escapes using tunnels, subterfuge and false identities he escaped four times. Sentenced to death by the Gestapo twice, he survived. After the war, he was awarded an MBE for his bravery. Often cited as the model for the lead character in the film the Great Escape, in post-war years he worked for the BBC then became a novelist and political writer. Doug Nicholls, the General Secretary of the General Federation of Trade Unions, will talk about Bill’s life and his books. Free copies of Bill’s books will be given out at this event.

No booking required
Suitable for all



Responding to the Visual: A Poetry Workshop


Friends Meeting House,
Queens Rd, LE2 1WP

In conjunction with Soundswrite, award-winning poet Pam Thompson will lead a poetry workshop in which we will read and discuss poems that respond to the visual in different ways. How do poets get to the emotional core? What techniques can they use to go beyond just describing? We will then create our own poems in response.

soundswritepoetry@gmail.com or
0116 240 4246 / 07808957216
Suitable for women 16+