Everybody’s Reading needs you!

Applications for volunteers 2017 – Coming soon

Everybody’s Reading provides anyone and everyone the chance to attend an event and get involved with reading. Someone needs to supervise the crowds going crazy over books… could it be you?

We need volunteers to help in the run up to the festival and to be a positive and friendly presence during the festival.  Every year our volunteers help us to gather feedback which is essential so that we know:

  • what worked and what didn’t
  • what people want from future festivals
  • how we can keep on improving year on year

And, of course, we need to ensure that we really do reach into the heart of Leicester’s communities and bring a unique benefit to the people of the city so we can advocate for the future of the festival.

Some tasks that volunteers can help with are:

  • Marketing and distribution including online and print communications
  • Stewarding at performances
  • Supporting festival events
  • Representing the festival at schools, with delegates and to the public
  • Getting feedback and evaluating the festival

VolIndv fox 2unteers will be invited to an informal briefing session in early September 2017.  To find out more email the festival coordinator at sophie.mellor@sdsa.net or tiffini.castle@sdsa.net or simply click here to go to the Do It website and apply to volunteer with ER 2016

We look forward to hearing from you and to you being part of the team getting Everybody Reading in Leicester.